Telling tales

Try to take the chance to tell a tale. Test it out, about tough tragedies or triomphs tell the untold.

Listen transparently together to give a voice to the unheard. Top ranked people try to put you to the test.

Well turnarround, I’m typing a tip top theatrical stories. Until time ticks away, translate a new tale today.

Getting inspired does not go without transpiration wait until Tupac tunes in. Stop taking tutorials, try tell what really matters to you.

This might be the start of a story with a good twist. I will store and never forget the text I wrote.

The truth is: “I am hessitating about the story I want to write”. Reading tweets twenty-four-seven, target a different timeline.

That feels ten times taller, scrolling like a turbo torpedo. A tornado of letters turns into a twirling twister into the word storm.

I’m just attempting to tell a story that hasn’t been told. I’m into training, telling you: Challenge accepted!

Terrific true tension through story telling. Taping the talented words is too tough.

Talking terrible trash tends to be enough. Take that terrorists get back into therapy training.

Technology can tell a tense timeless story, the terror can’t touch this. Tackle the time while traveling together or solo.

I try to stay totaly transparant to the top. Talk like a tourguide who can guide a stranger.

Stories are treasures taken from thoughtfull thinkers. It takes a talented challenger to steal an untold treasure.

A good thoughtfull tale can be told twice. Any type of twang bring it to the TV.

No need to tweak and retype your thoughts. I twist my twirling tongue for that.

Any teen can tell a touching story. It only takes some time to write, I’m telling you.


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